Fun Facts About New York City

  1. The term “THE BIG APPLE” referred to horse racing and winning the big prize, the big apple, initially.
  2. Birdwatchers have seen 275 species of birds in Central Park.
  3. The taxis in New York City were originally red and green.
  4. New Yorker’s speak approximately 800 languages.
  5. In 1905, the first American pizza joint opened in New York City. Today there are over 1600 pizza restaurants.
  6. NYC’s population density is the highest of any American city, 27,000 people per mile.
  7. It would take approximately 24 hours to ride the entire subway system – with 34 lines and 469 routes
  8. Staten Island once tried to secede.
  9. The Statue of Liberty was delivered in 1885 in 350 pieces.
  10. Until the 1920s, everyone moved apartments on the same day, May 1st. Can you imagine the traffic jam.
  11. The price of a slice of pizza and the cost of a subway ride are almost always the same.
  12. The authors of the Book Magic Garden and creators of the website are from Minneapolis, often called the Mini-Apple.

JoyMaster Lisa’s son lives in Brooklyn, so New York is one of our favorite places to visit. Yankees or Twins you might ask? Forget about it, The Twins.