bird sitting on a branch How to attract birds to your yard

Attract birds your yard

There are four key elements to consider when attracting birds to your yard all year round:

  • Food: Place bird feeders around your yard and keep them filled. A variety of feeders and food will attract different kind of birds. Place the feeders in protected areas of the yard so they are not in danger of other prey while eating.
  • Shelter: Birds need a place to take shelter. If you have large trees in your yard great. If not consider larger bushed and shurbs, with lots of protected branches for birds to perch. They prefer to be higher to protect them and their nest from prey. Also consider birdhouses around the yard. They are great ways to have an entire family move it.
  • It is important to have some kids of water for birds. A bird bath, a small pond, a freshwater collection of rain water, etc. Birds need fresh water to survive.
  • Lots of Different Foliage: To attract a lot of birds, you need to have a good variety of trees, bushes and flowers. Consider plants that have berries, fruit, sap or nectar to help feed be birds and consider what is in your yard birds can use to make their nests.
  • Once you have the birds, consider getting a bird book or app and a binoculars, so you can track which birds are coming to your yard. Keep track in a small notebook or on your phone, you will be shocked how may feathered friends you get.

With a little careful planning and fine-tuning to what you already have, birds will be singing a joyful tune in your yard in no time. Check out our Birds Magic Garden check out our Pinterest Page on Bird Magic Gardens and see all our Mother Nature Magic Gardens.