Unicorn Fun Stuff For You

  1. A Unicorn is a mythical and legendary animal depicted as a beautiful horse with a single horn.
  2. If a Unicorn and a Pegasus mate, the babies may become flying Unicorns.
  3. Unicorn horns are called Alicorns.
  4. Unicorn absorbs its energy through their horn
  5. According to mythology, whoever touches a pure White Unicorn, will find happiness and joy in his entire life
  6. Muffinhumps is the world’s oldest Unicorn
  7. A baby unicorn is called a sparkle

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It might be unicorny, but we love these cool creatures. 

Here are some cool ways to add Unicorns to your garden.

Here are some funs ways to create Unicorn Costumes.

We wish you all the Magic you wish to come true.