Find Out Your Fairy Name Today.

We all have a little bit of magic in us, so here is how you can select your fairy name if you choose to use it the first letter of your first name and the month you were born:


First Name = First Letter of Your First Name

A: Acorn

B: Blossom

C: Cosmo

D: Dazzle

E: Elmtall

F: Flashie

G: Glitter

H: Honor

I: Ivy

J: Jester

K: Kindheart

L: Laughalot

M: Moonbeam

N: Napsalot or Nicetoall

O: Opal

P: Peppermint

Q: Quitespecial

R: Ruby

S: Sunshine

T: Twinkle

U:Unicorn Friend

V: Verrynice

W: Willow

X: Xtraspecial

Y: Youareamazing

Z: Zannabanana


Last Name = Month Born

January: MoonBeam

February: StarSparkle

March: Snowflake

April: DelightDay

May: RainbowHeart

June: SweetSong

July: DazzleDay

August: RaspberryBlossom

September: MeadowWind

October: BlazeBright

November: ThanksABunch

December: WarmHeart


Creating Special Fairies:

You can create special fairies for things you love:

  • The Vegetable Garden: Basil Fairy, Tomato Fairy, Green Pepper Fairy, Mint Fairy, Corn Fairy, even a Kale Fairy.
  • The Flower Garden: Sunflower Fairy, Petunia Fairy, Daisy Fairy or even a Weed Fairy.
  • People: Think about yourself, kids, grandparents, or event paint a fairy family to represent everyone in your family.
  • Teams: Paint a fairy to match your hometown school colors or your college colors.