How to Play Hopscotch

How To Play Hopscotch

Hi wow you found this early. We are working on a funny video with the grandkids about how to play hopscotch, but you got here really early.  So we don’t want to disappoint, so here, in concise (I’m not gonna like kind boring) text is how to play hopscotch (ps – thanks for being here early, it means the world to us).

Five Simple Steps – How to Play Hopscotch. Simple because all you need is a piece of chalk and a hard surface:

Setting Up the Game

  • Draw a 10-square hopscotch board on the sidewalk with chalk. The squares should be large enough to fit one foot. The top can be rounded. You can make it longer or shorter based on the age and interest of the kids.
  • Each player should have a distinct marker, a small rock, acorn, stick piece or shell. Everyone can play, there can be as many players as you want.

Playing the Game

  • Each turn, a player throws his/her marker on the board, starting with the first square. If his marker does not land in the correct square, first round = first square, second round = second square, etc. they lose their turn, and play again in the next round with the next square.
  • The player hops on one foot in each square to the end/top of the board. If two squares are next to each other, use both feet. Simple huh? Then players must hop over the square containing their marker, on the way to the top of the board, then turn and hop back, and pick up their marker after they have hopped over it a second time.
  • A player loses the turn if she/he steps on a line or her/his marker bounces out of the square when tossed. For instance they re-do three until it is done correctly. Then the first player to get their marker successful back from the 10 box wins.

What is cool about hopscotch is all ages can play. Because mom, grandma, friends – everyone can play at home.

Thanks – hope you have a great time playing. xo

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