Herb garden with diy plant markers of kids and their mom

How to Make the Unique Plant Markers from Photos

  1. Mine are roughly 1 inch tall by 1.5 inches long – I given the size of the pot, I thought that this was perfect – then adapted the final based on the picture.
  2. We used PowerPoint to design the tags and create the photos in the correct size.
  3. Once the right size, we added the plant words on the right. And we used a blue accent color because we were giving this as a gift, and the receivers outdoor furniture is blue.
  4. We color printed the one page of all the markers.
  5. Cut out the markers
  6. Used clear packing table to “laminate” them – putting a piece on the front and on the back, sealing the picture inside so it became waterproof.
  7. We used hot glue to attach a pre-painted stick.

And that is it, super cute, unique plant markers are fun to make and super low cost. I had all of the supplies so the total cost of this gift including the can and the plants was less than $10. See them in our Kitchen Garden and check out other fun Plant Markers or here is some info on garden plants you might want to mark in the garden.

We will post a video of this process shortly – thanks much.

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