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Magic Basket Creates More Fun

A Magic Basket is a collection of extra fun that kids can take into their Magic Gardens.

It’s a “basket” of play things for your Magic Garden. These loose parts and JoyMaster Nancy calls ’em, let kids creativity blossom. We have created ideas for each Magic Garden about what could go in the basket based on the theme. And it’s simple for mom or grandma to keep it on hand or to assemble before heading outside for some creative fun.  So see the Shrek Garden or the Dino Garden to reveal the concept at work.

What is in Our Magic Basket?

Our basket always has sticks, rocks, cool bark, paint brush, action figures, mini chair, table, matchbox car, animals, LEGOS, fabric, silk flowers, blocks and coins. Here are more accessory ideas for your basket.

What to put in yours?

Think about the age of gardener. Because for younger Magic Gardeners, their basket should have things right sized for their hands, with no sharp edges or points – things that can’t be broken, or that you don’t care if they get broken. For an older Magic Gardener, think about things that can be created into other things, leave scissors and duct tape in the basket to quick creations – and so much more.

And let’s get real, if you are creating a Magic Garden for yourself or with an adult “child” you can have all kinds of goodies in your basket. You can have a glue gun, wire, felt, sharpies – to create on the go. This idea really gets the creative juices flowing in your garden for kids of all ages.  PS we really use a basket, but you can use a bucket, tub or anything that is easy to carry around the garden.

And if your basket is anything like ours, it will just keep getting growing more fun.

Enjoy the Magic!