Lego Mini Fiq with a map how to host a LEGO hunt

Host A LEGO Hunt

We love a great treasure hunt at our houses. Whether it is a special occasion or just an “I’m bored” day a hunt typically is a start to a fun outside adventure. This helps gets kids playing outside and needs little help from adults. We traditionally do three kinds of Lego Hunts:

Hide & Seek/Hot & Cold

  1. Make cool design out of LEGO
  2. Take turns hiding it inside our out
  3. If you want while the other person hunts give hints (hot if they are close and cold if they are moving away from the hiding place)

Treasure Hunt

  1. Make a box out of LEGO
  2. Put a surprise in the box and draw a treasure map where it is hid
  3. Give the map to the lucky hunter and let the adventure begin
  4. Look at you, you’re the host a LEGO Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

  1. Define four or five clues that take your hunter to different know locations in the yard
  2. Place a mini fig at each location with a clue to the next location
  3. Have a surprise waiting at the end of the hunt

Additional Ideas To Host A LEGO Hunt

  • Take Turns being the Host of the LEGO Hunt.
  • Time each participate in the hunt to see how long it takes them.
  • Once the first hunt is over, have them hide it for you.
  • Make clues on paper shaped like a LEGO.
  • These are perfect ideas as part of a party party, or to reveal a larger gift for a birthday or other holiday.
  • Visit our LEGO Magic Garden for more great fun with Lego.
  • Need a Treat or Something Healthy while you play outside.

Let us know if you have any other ways to BUILD more fun into our Lego Hunt.