How to make a tent for your Magic Garden fabric red tent in Camping Magic Garden

At our house, when making Magic Gardens there are two types of creators: Nancy, who likes patterns, and Lisa, is does not like patterns. Both are perfect! Just like our family, you may have people with different styles that drives creativity. Understanding that differences are good, makes this process so much more fun and either way it is fun to make a tent.

Nancy’s Steps: As seen in the Camping Magic Garden

  1. Print the tent pattern below.
  2. Cut fabric or paper using the pattern.
  3. If you use fabric, iron the triangles back (and starch) so they fold like the picture.
  4. If you want the triangles to close, like flaps of a tent, do not iron.
Pattern to Make A Tent


Lisa’s Tent Steps: For G.I. Joe Magic Garden

  1. Find a old piece of clothing you have grown out of (said jeans used in the picture).
  2. Cut a square, however big you want the tent to be.
GI Joe Tent made out of jeans in Magic Garden

GI Joe tent made from an old pair of jeans

Love Camping – here are more Magic Garden Camping Ideas. You can make sleeping bags, a campfire, dinner, pets, coolers, chairs, picnic tables and don’t forget about the games you play when you camp, you can create those too – everything that you customized for a Magic Garden just make it more special. It becomes more you. And you know what is so special about you – everything – we are so glad you are here camped out in creativity.

What is cool about this creative project, is knowing your kids or friends your kids are going to make this project with, can make the experience so much better for everyone. We show you two ways, both with great outcomes. Enjoy the process, that is where the true connections happen – and let us know in the comments section which creative type you are – we love to hear from you. xo