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Perfect Gift For Mom

Magic happens on Mother’s Day when Mom knows just how much you love her. Magic Gardens make it simple to create some Magic on Mom & Grandma’s special day. Here are some ideas to get you started to creating a total custom Mother’s Day Magic Garden, the perfect gift for mom.

How To Make the Perfect Gift for Mom & Nana

Perfect Gift For Mom: Celebrate Her Job

Mom’s are so hardworking in and outside of the home. Magic Gardens that celebrate a mom’s profession are fun because you can show her how much you listen when she tells you about all that is going on at work but celebrating it in these super custom Magic Gardens. Here are a few examples:

A teacher Magic Garden

Teacher Magic Garden

When creating a Magic Garden for a teacher, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

DESIGN THE MAGIC: What subject do they teach? What from the classroom could be used? Include key details: The school name, room number, something specific about the room – is there a reading carpet or a math table? Remember the playground and any kids of teacher friends you might want to include too. You will get an A+ for the gift.

Realtor/Other Home Services

Is helping people find their home your Mom’s passion, we get it. Here are some ideas to bring the idea home:

DESIGN THE MAGIC: Purchase or make a for sale sign, be sure to add sold. Add a key address: the first house she sold, the last house or the one on the market now. Also include things she loves like a bird feeder or a small veggie garden. Mom’s make everything feel like home.

Healthcare worker and hospital Magic Garden

Healthcare Worker

We at Magic Gardens appreciate healthcare workers and here are some ideas to share the love with yours:

DESIGN THE MAGIC: What is their area of medicine? Uniform or scrubs? Print or laminate logos from the hospital or clinic. Laminate pictures the other nurses. How about patients or any special equipment she uses. This is prescription for fun!

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Celebrate Things Mom Loves to Do

Celebrate the things you and your mom love to do together, or that are just her favorite “thing”.  Any and everything can be made into a Magic Garden and becomes a perfect gift for mom.

Favorite Concert: P!nk

Celebrating a concert memory will be music to your mom’s ears.

DESIGN THE MAGIC: Best concert? What did the artist wear? Laminate a picture from you two in the “audience”. Recreate the stage/set. Design around key lyrics. You will be headlining Mother’s Day with this great gift.

Mary Poppins Magic Garden umbrella balloons chimney sgn sign live plants

Favorite Movie: Mary Poppins Returns

Gifting your mom, your favorite movie will have her rolling out the red carpet.

DESIGN THE MAGIC: What is the best movie you have seen with your mom? What characters can you make? What scene should you use? Think outside the box, we painted Mary’s coat blue from a brown Star Wars Obe-Wan coat. Magic Gardens, will get you a star on Mom’s Walk of Fame.

Want More Movie Inspiration For the Perfect Gift for Mom?




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Celebrate Places Mom Loves to Go

There are so many fun places to create: The family farm, the cabin, camping (here is our camping garden and here are more ideas), a road trip you took, spring break or even your own back yard. The perfect gift for mom is a Magic Gardens created with your creativity!

New York City


The Lake

Celebrate Mom by Celebrating Home

Celebrate your hero, mom. That she tucks you in each night.

Celebrate the new mom, or the big sister or brother. Family is love.