Prince Magic Garden

Prince Fans Magic Garden

This is THE garden for Prince Fans! Magic Gardens loves Prince so much too. Maybe it is because we love to Go Crazy in the garden. Or maybe it is because we live on the Purple Rain, famed Lake Minnetonka about three miles from Paisley Park, or maybe it is because Prince’s creativity inspires our own. The First Avenue rock was created by JoyMaster Nancy’s grand-daughters (JoyMaster Lisa’s nieces) – they are Prince’s second biggest fans 🙂 We wanted to create a simple Magic Garden on his birthday to celebrate our dearly beloved.

Garden for Prince Fans Get Inspired for DIY Fun

Prince Garden
Prince on top of First Avenue
Prince in Sun In Front of First Avenue in a Magic Garden
Prince next to First Avenue at Lake Minnetonka with motorcycle Magic Garden
First Avenue in Minneapolis Painted Rock with Purple Flowers
Three girls smiling and painting the First Avenue rock for the Prince Magic Garden
Prince Funko and His Gold Star on First Avenue Rock Magic Garden Purple Flowers
Magic Garden Founder Lisa George and Family Outside First Avenue Night Prince Died
Prince Inspired DIY Sign

Create A Magic Garden With Your Favorite Artist

Plan Your Artist Garden

  1. Who is your favorite artist?
  2. What is unique about them that you can create in the garden.
  3. Are there any special colors that represent the artist?
  4. Do they have any songs that talk about flowers, colors or gardens?
  5. Is there anything the artist is known for that you can include in the garden (flying like P!nk, motor bikes, rainbows. etc)
  6.  Were is it going to go? How big should it be?

Create Your Prince Garden for Fans

  1. Find the perfect spot
  2. Plant any flowers that you want to include
  3. Place any large elements to get the creative energy flowing
  4. Place the artist and any accessories, how about their band too
  5. Turn on some music now to celebrate your creative burst
  6. Have a little dance party to celebrate and send us some pictures so we can showcase you