Perfect Gift For Dad and Grandpa

Look no further, here is our really fun, totally unique DIY gift for dad, and its sizzling!

Grill Magic Garden aka Dad Magic Garden

Dads love to grill. Grandpas love to grill too and this is the perfect DIY gift for them both. This Magic Garden was made from a Weber Grill found on trash day. You know us Magic Gardeners, we love a good dumpster dive when it comes to creating totally cool stuff. We used a sunflower like perennial because it can be planted in the yard at the end of the season. And we added herbs because these are fun in the summer for adding to grilled dishes. This is such a fun and unique Father’s Day or Birthday Gift or anyone that loves to grill.

Great Gift Idea For Dad

Hello Super Simple Gift For Dad

1.We rescued this grill on garbage day (yes Madison & Lisa carried it four blocks looking a “little” silly)

Best Present for Dad

2. Added clean dirt – see the note at the very bottom of the blog BEFORE completing this step (it involved curse words)

Plant the Gift for Dad

3. Plant this bad boy – oh this is the fun part. Check out our plant guide for ideas.

Create Your Grill Magic Garden Gift For Dad


  • What does dad like to do?
  • What toys could we use?
  • What plants should we add?
  • Where will the Magic Garden go?


  • Dumpster Dived, Grill
  • Dirt: If kids are going to plan in the garden, like a Magic Garden, use plain black dirt
  • Plants: We used a lot of herbs so they could be used grilling
  • Magic Gardens Toys & Things Dad Loves


  1. Clean the Grill of anything in it (ashes, charcoal, grate, etc)
  2. Fill the bottom with some tin cans, plant containers, anything to take up some of the space so you don’t need to use as much dirt
  3. Fill with dirt
  4. Customize for Dad cuz you love him

Magic Garden Gift Ideas For Dads

Games Dad Loves


Love to play games with your dad? Us too. Here Corn hole/Bags by the fire pit.

Camping Magic Garden For Dad In A Grill


Celebrate your camping adventures. Complete with animals from nature.

Dads Sports Team Magic Garden


Sports, what a great thing to celebrate – his favorite team, college, pro or maybe even your own (especially if he’s the coach). Or maybe he loves to play tennis or pickleball.

Great Gift for Dad that loves cars


Does your dad love cars? Here is the perfect idea. Create roads signs too to make it totally custom.

Gift for the Dad Place


Celebrate your dads favorite place or his job. And of course we are sure to you he is Superman.

Magic Garden Grill Family


You can add your dad or family simply by drawing them. You can cover with packing tape so they are waterproof.

More Fun Ideas For Dads Magic Garden

Ideas for things you can make or ideas for themes.


40lbs of dirt added to the grill (which is what was needed to fill the grill) MAY break the legs and send the entire grill toppling over – this is why all the pictures post dirt the grill is on the ground and with a terrible background. Despite the broken legs, the Grill bowl, looked really cool full on plants and with a car scene, a neighbor is using the Dad Magic Garden as a Father’s Day Gift.