6 simple steps to rock stacking with rocks stacked

Rock Stacking also called Carins

This is fun to do in your yard because all you need is a stable surface, rocks, and patient steady hands! In the wild there is some controversy, that these stone stacks should not be created in nature. But in your back yard, have at it magic makers

6 Simple Steps:

  1. Pick A location. Select somewhere in your yard that it can be seen but not easily tipped over. Our next door neighbor has one, and it is really fun neighbors bring new rocks and overnight it gets re-stacked.
  2. Collect rocks. You need a variety of different kids, some flat and smooth and some with jagged edges. If kids are helping smaller is better so they can help. You can find the rock in your yard, on the edges of lakes or rivers or on hikes. Make sure you are not stealing anything.
  3. Start the stacking! Begin with the largest, flattest rock to create a stable foundation. A big rock give you a lot of options to build upon.
  4. Take your time.Don’t be in a hurry, thoughtfully place each one thinking how all those stones will go on top of each other. Set each rock carefully, letting the weight gradually rest on the stack. This allows you to tell if the rock is steady, or will send the stack over. If instead, try different positions on the rock. Also twist the rock your are placed to get the best edge on the stack.
  5. Get Creative – You rock! Once you understand how it works and have tried a few different things, try the crazy stuff. You know bigger rocks on smaller ones, unusual shapes, standing up us long and flat – we mean crazy. If the stack is not really sturdy, take it down at night, so it does not fall on anyone, especially a child that might come to check it out. Here are some ideas for Rock Stacking.
  6. Share. Anyone can do this, mom, dad grandma, grandpa – the Rock Stacking is whole family fun. Then, virtually challenge friends online, neighbors or post on your social media or on MagicGardens.fun. We would love to see your creations.