Scooby Doo looking hungry and racing for Scooby Snacks

Simple Scooby Snack Recipe Fast

At our house, we try to do everything as simply as we can. So when we make “Scooby Snacks” – we are really making gingerbread cut out cookies. They are brown like a dog treat but super simple. This simple Scooby Snack recipe is so simple that you can make them together in just minutes. We use a dog bone cookie cutter and go to town. Follow the instructions on the package. The only tip we can offer since bone cookie cutters can have a thin part to the bone – make sure the dough is cooled in the fridge for 15 minutes after rolled out and before cutting the bones.

Once baked, let cool completely before taking off the cookie sheet this lets them get good and firm before they are moved which reduces the chances of them breaking. Ahhhh you are gonna love them they are so cute.

So if you are ok with sugar or it is a special occasion, you can also use white frosting to pipe the Scooby Snacks with messages or to just add some fun. Kids really love to participate in this but its hard to get the finished products to a plate instead of their mouths.

These Scooby Snacks will fly off the plate before you can say Rut-Ro, they are all gone.

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We Use A Mix Like This

Gingerbread cookie mix for Scooby Snacks