Three rocks with Paris landmarks DIY attached the louvre Laurdrer restaurant and the Arc De Triomphe and the words Make Landmark Rocks over mulch

Make Landmark Rocks

You can make your garden unique and complete custom with Landmark Rocks in you Magic Garden

Celebrate anywhere you love with a landmark from that place. It can be your hometown, a city you visit, or even a simple favorite thing. Visit a cool museum? Make that. Stop at a gas station for a candy bar on the way to the lake every trip? Make that. Is there a cool landmark on your favorite walking path? Take a picture and make that. Landmark rocks are an incredible way to make any Magic Garden totally customized.

Landmark Rocks also make a great part of a garden gift. Surprising someone with a landmark they know and love – really hits the (land)mark.

DIY Landmark Rocks are Unique and Super Simple

Three plain clean rocks and three images needed to create landmark rocks for your Magic Garden

1. Print Pictures: Print color pictures of each of landmarks about the same size as your clean rocks.

Brush painting Modge Podge glue adhesive and sealer over picture of rock to seal it

2. Paint Rocks & Attach Picture: Paint or use Sharpie on any part of the rock that wont be covered and attach by Mod Podge on the rock first and coat.

Finished Magic Gardens with fairy painting in Paris with stone path Eiffel Tower and Landmark Rocks

3. Clear Coat Whole Rock: Once the  picture is attached and dry, clear coat the entire rock twice to keep the weather out. See the finished product in the Paris Magic Garden.

Tips to Make Landmark Rocks Simple & Special:

Here are a couple more tips on making this Magic.

  1. Pick a rock the same shape as your Landmark if you can – so the whole landmark is on the face of the rock.
  2. Paint the rock a complementary color first, it helps it pop in the garden.
  3. If you leave the rock outside all the time, it should last one season, if you bring the landmark in, as a part of a Magic Basket, it will last much longer.
  4. Clear coat can be ModgePodge Outdoors or a water-based Polyurethane – used to seal wood. Both work great.
  5. Collect the rock, if appropriate from the landmark. If you are creating a landmark from up at the lake, find a rock at the lake use. Everything that make a Magic Garden special is what is so cool.
  6. Ask the kids what they want to create, often this will surprise you – things they love might be really different from yours.
  7. Landmark Rocks can also be used to create people or things in the garden – cars, family members, celebrities, favorite super heroes, etc.
  8. Here are some more travel ideas on our Pinterest Page check out Paris, New York  and then England.
  9. Send us pictures of what you create. We love to feature our Magic Gardeners on the site and as a part of social media.
  10. Have fun!