Pink Concert Magic Garden

P!nk High Flying Inspiration: Lisa and her husband have seen P!nk in concert nearly a dozen times. She is pure joy on stage. This Pink Concert Magic Garden was created with a Polly Pocket doll that is almost 20 years old, which belonged to her daughter. We created this Pink Concert Magic Garden on Mother’s Day to celebrate Magic Moms and we think Pink is one of those. It was so fun to brainstorm how to make her fly just like at the concerts. We were thrilled with the idea and the end product is amazing. This Magic Garden makes an incredible gift for any Pink fan, and listening to Pink music while creating the gardens, really adds to the fun.We always turn on our vinyl. We love you Pink.

P!nk Magic Garden Comes To Life


  • Polly Pocket Doll and Clothes
  • Acrylic Paint/Brushes
  • Fabric to Make a Flying Harness
  • Hot Glue & Hot Glue Gun
  • Fishing Line for Flying Wire
  • Easter Basket (concert two)/Tile for Stage
  • Plants/Bowl
  • Accessories for Garden


  1. Get Lots of Concert Ideas
  2. Design P!nks Hair
  3. Wardrobe: Dress P!nk Up
  4. Hot Glue Harness on with Fishline underneath
  5. Get the Roadies to Set-Up the Stage
  6. Plant the Plants
  7. Set up any Accessories
  8. Get The Party Started!

This Magic Garden was created to celebrate P!nk and a #MagicMom for Mother’s Day. We will add this garden to the format of the other gardens in the coming weeks. Thank you for being right in all the wrong ways, just like us. xo Lisa and Nancy