Mother Daughter Guides To Families In Nature

Mother – Daughter guides families in nature inspiring Joy worldwide. So we welcome to Magic Gardens.

This is a labor of love and we are thrilled you are here with us. When Nancy’s husband, Lisa’s father passed, they knew together they wanted to create something together to help get through the grief. Then came Magic Gardens. They have been creating Magic Gardens or magic in the garden for decades. They create play spaces for their own kids and grandkids to ignite their creativity and love of nature and gardening. Therefore this website, and complementary books and other products are the simple outcome and are designed to help guide you and your family simply to the same joy.

Welcome to Magic Gardens, together we foster deeper connections with families and with Mother Earth.

Nancy and Lisa

Founders/Magic – Your Guide For Families In Nature

Mother Daughter guiding

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Nancy Guldberg

The Mother of the Mother Daughter Guides to Families in Nature:

Nancy Guldberg is a certified Master Gardener and volunteers hundreds of hours at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum annually. As lifelong learner, and a lifelong teacher, she loves to be engaged. With a Master’s Degree in Math Education and Bachelors degrees in both math and art, she’s officially left and right-brained.

Nancy is an award winning photographer and teaches nature photography across the US. This is her first book. Nancy has been married for 52 years to Jack who she met in college. They are blessed with two children and seven grandchildren.

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Lisa George

Daughter of Mother Daughter Guides to Families in Nature:

Lisa George is a lifelong marketer. She has worked on, with and for some of the largest Blue Chip brands in the world. Living in New York City and Minneapolis. Lisa produces and attend events, and manages volunteers for her hometown events year round. Lisa attended the University of Minnesota Duluth.

She is a dreamer and a doer. Lisa runs marathons (17) and reads a book every week. This the first book of her own. Lisa’s love of the gardening comes from her mom and grandmothers. Lisa is married to Carl, has four children, two grandsons, a border collie and a cat.

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Mother Daughter Guides To Families In Nature

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