Book Club Magic Garden

Book Club – Get Lit! Nancy has been a part of her Book Club for more than three decades. The Book Club Magic Garden is great for literary lovers because it is super cute and can be in a garden or inside in planter. This makes a great gift for book lovers. You can make mini books of your favorite stories. We used cute fairies to be reading, but just as easily it could  be a LEGO man or a unicorn so kids could really have fun with who in their play chest loves to read.

Make The Birds & Bees Magic Garden

  • What books should we make?
  • Who’s in the book club?
  • Should we put it in the shade or in the sun?
  • Should we read in the garden once the garden is done?
  1. Add any plants for shade
  2. Add bark or steppers for cozy spots to read
  3. Add any characters who like good stories
  4. Make the mini books (see below)
  5. Start the book club
  • What is your favorite book? Why?
  • What is your favorite character from a book? Why?
  • If you could be in any story you read, what story would you be in?
  • Should we write a story?
Plants We Used
  • Dwarf Boxwood
  • Sedge – ‘Beatlemania’
  • Stacker (the wood piece)
  • Mini Logs
  • Fairies or other characters that love to read
  • Wire (so fairies stay in place)
  • DIY Books
  • Butterfly
Magic Basket
  • Read a favorite story before planning your Magic Garden
  • Create big comfy place to read outside, maybe chairs
  • Create a space for a stage to act out stories
  • What is a Magic Basket?

Make Mini Books

MATERIALS: Paper, glue or thread, marker (optional) and packing tape if you want them to be waterproof.


Create Cover: Print the cover image on a printer or draw a book cover for the book you want to make.


Cut: Cut the cover saving white space on the left of the book cover for the back of the book and for the spine. Then cut a square insert to be the pages of the book out of foam.

3 Glue: Glue the cover to the inside of the book. If the book will be outside, cover the paper in packing tape before gluing to weather-proof.

Make More Magic

Make More Magic

Great Gift for Book Lovers