Butterfly Magic Gardens

This Butterfly Magic Garden features a real butterfly house so not only is this something you and your family can add your creative flair, to but it can be nature’s home to a beautiful creature, the butterfly. The space also features butterflies on springs so when the wind blows they fly. The house was painted in colors that attract butterflies. This Magic Garden is not as much about a place to play for kids, but a chance for kids to help care for nature. Win, win!

Make the Magic Garden

  • Is there a place butterflies already visit in the yard?
  • What butterflies are common in our area?
  • What plants attract our common butterflies?
  • What plants should we plant?
  1. Place the butterfly house
  2. If permanent placement, attach to a tree or fence with a nail
  3. Place butterflies
  4. Let fun take flight!
  • Do you know a butterfly is a caterpillar first?
  • What if when you woke and you could fly?
  • Where do butterflies sleep?
  • What butterflies live near us?
Plants We Used
  • Hosta
  • Creeping Jenny
  • Clustered bell flowers
  • Armeria – Sea Pinks
  • Butterflies on Springs
  • DIY Wooden Butterfly House
  • DIY Sign
  • Log sllice as a Stand
Magic Basket
  • Artificial flowers
  • More butterflies
  • What is a Magic Basket?

Attract Butterflies To Your Magic Garden

Here are three tips to attract butterflies. See the website for a full list of ideas and the best plants to attrack these graceful beauties to your yard.

1Plant Color: Butterflies are attracted to red, yellow, orange, pink and purple blossoms

2Plant Flowers in the Sun: Butterflies are cold blooded, so generally feed in the sun, to keep warm

3Give Them A Spa: They love little puddles, so shells or saucers with water near blooms

Make More Magic