Happy Camper

JoyMaster Nancy’s son and his family loves to camp, so they inspired this camping Magic Garden. This Magic Garden can be nearly free to create. It features individual tents for each of the “campers.” The tents are made from fabric, but they could be made with paper, too. The campfire is made of sticks, acorns/small pinecones and plastic flames so it’s waterproof and really adorable. You can add any other element that you enjoy while camping like s’mores, frisbee or even pots to cook over the campfire. This camping fun is going to be really, really camp-tastic!

Make the Magic Garden

  • How many tents should we make?
  • Should we laminate pictures of family & friends so they can camp too?
  • Should we make a camper?
  • Do we need sleeping bags?
  • Where should we camp, maybe somewhere we have been before?
  1. Place “tent” sticks and tie string between them
  2. Place the fabric/paper over string – If you use the pattern for your tent, it will stand up without support….see…..sometime using a pattern improves a final product
  3. Make the campfire (see below)
  4. Place the logs for sitting around the campfire and any campers
  5. Play some s’MORE!
  • Have you ever camped?
  • Would you like to camp?
  • My favorite thing about camping is _____?
  • Do you know any ghost stories?
  • What would you cook over an open fire?
  • Do you know any camp songs or games?
Plants We Used
  • Creeping Jenny
  • Clustered Bell Flowers
  • Ameria – Sea Pinks
  • Creeping Phlox
  • Sticks as logs & tent posts
  • DIY Campfire (see below)
  • DIY Tents (see picture in gallery below)
  • Fairies or other campers
Magic Basket

Make the Campfire

To create a fire pit, you can use acorn nuts, pinecones, or small rocks to create the rim of the pit, sticks or small mulch can be the firewood, and foam or vinyl caution flags can create the flame.

1Create the Base: Define the size you want based on who will sit at the fire, glue a rim of acorns/small pinecones for the campfire.

2Add the Logs: Glue small sticks into a tee-pee shape just like a real fire.

3Add the Fire: Insert the vinyl pieces of flame between the logs – you can trim the bottom piece to actual size or leave it and cover. The vinyl pieces we recycled from flags the city used when marking electrical/gas lines before digging in our yard.

Make More Magic