Chakra Rocks - Keep Calm

These Chakra Rocks make an incredible gift for the garden for friends and family. The rocks celebrate each of the chakras in your body – they are the universal points of well being. What we love about this garden is it is a secret path to enlightenment. Visitors may see the Magic Garden, or it might be partially hidden, which makes it a pleasant surprise when strolling thru. At the end of the path is a Cairn, stacked rocks. They mark the route on a journey or they can be a marker for a place of significance, a destination. We feel calmer just looking at these pictures.

Make the Magic Garden

  • Where should we place this garden?
  • Where is a place we like to relax and reflect?
  • Should we have this more hidden or more out in the open?
  • What should we paint on the rocks?
  • How many rocks do we want to stack for the cairn?
  1. Find rocks
  2. Paint the chakras or other things that calm you
  3. Create a path for the rocks
  4. Place the Cairn at the destination of the path
  5. Feel the calm.
  • Do you know where mediation comes from?
  • Have you ever meditated?
  • The chakras are in the body, what colors go where?
  • How many rocks do you think you could stack?
  • What things help you calm down?
Plants We Used
  • Hosta
  • Astilbe
  • Cairn (stacked or balanced rocks)
  • DIY Zen Rocks (see below)
  • DIY Joy Coaster
Magic Basket
  • More rocks for balancing
  • Soothing music
  • Action figures to put in yoga or meditation poses
  • What's a Magic Basket?

Make Chakra Rocks

To make these simple Charka Rocks you need seven flat rocks (we used river rocks found in Duluth), acrylic paint, paint brush, clear coat and a Sharpie.

1Paint Chakra Colors: Paint the circle on clean, dry river rocks.  See image above for the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet.

2 Draft the Symbols: Use a Sharpie to draw the Chakra symbols on the rocks.

3 Clear Coat Rocks: Add any paint embellishments you want, let dry then clear coat so the designs outlast the elements outside.

Make More Magic