G.I. Joe - Magic Joe

The centerpiece of this Magic Garden is a cool and gnarly tree root that we dug up. It makes the perfect play space for GI Joe® action figures. We set up a briefing area, target practice, campground, and training exercises. The root allows for multiple play sections so many kids could play at once and encourage interaction. Be sure to have plenty of vehicles available like boats and jeeps. GI stands for Government Issued and this play space is Nana Issued and Kid approved.

Make the Magic Garden

  • Should this be in the woods, desert or country setting?
  • Can we use firewood to create the play area?
  • What obstacle course ideas should we create?
  • Should we make a new training facility each time or leave in place?
  1. Find a root or log
  2. Build campsite, briefing area & training courses (see below)
  3. Add your favorite action figures and vehicles
  4. Place all the accessories
  5. Set off on your own secret mission of fun
  • How much do you think people in the military train per day?
  • What do you think being in the military means?
  • Would you be interested in joining the military?
  • Do you know anyone in the military?
Plants We Used
We didn’t use plants, just this completely awesome root. They are super heavy, so must be placed in it’s final spot before play begins. Want one? See below.
Materials We Used
  • Root or Log (to create a playscape)
  • DIY Bonfire and DIY Camping Set
  • DIY Rope Ladder
  • G.I. Joe® Characters
  • American Flag
  • Vehicles: Jeep®, Motorcycles, and Boats
  • Table and Chairs
  • DIY Chalkboard
  • DIY Shooting Targets
Magic Basket
A Magic Basket, is a collection of extra fun that kids can take into their Magic Gardens. It can be bark, rocks, pinecones and toys – the sky is the limit. For this garden, here are a few other ideas:

  • Food
  • Blocks for training
  • A running track
  • Bad guys
  • Weapons
  • Vehicles

Build the Secret Base

1Campsite: tents, sleeping bags, bonfire and mini logs for seating

2Briefing Area: chairs, DIY chalkboard, maps and a General

3Training Courses: ropes, climbing ladder and target shooting

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