Godzilla - The KING!

As the king of monsters, Godzilla makes for hours of fun in this Magic Garden. Having things for this alpha predator to climb on lets kids act out the movie, save the day and enjoy the great outdoors. This is one garden where scale does not matter, everything is fun. We created a brick city in the garden with matchbox cars, street signs, and roads that the beast can destroy.

Make the Magic Garden

  • Where will Godzilla battle?
  • Who should Godzilla fight?
  • Could we make him a home in the garden? A cave, a house, a lean-to?
  • What city should he be in and how could we create it?
  1. Find the garden space
  2. Add the plants, logs, rocks for play
  3. Create the brick city (see below) and set up
  4. Paint the bark road, place with cars
  5. Bring in Godzilla and cause some havoc!
  • How big do you think Godzilla is?
  • What other animals would be cool if they were gigantic?
  • Would you sit in Godzilla’s hand?
  • Why do you think Godzilla is so mad all the time?
Plants We Used
  • Cedar Sprigs
  • Garden Moss
  • Artificial Pants
  • Pinecone Trees
Materials We Used
  • Brick City
  • Grapevine Tree
  • Bark Roads
  • DIY Street Signs
  • Matchbox Cars
  • Godzilla & G.I. Joe® Characters or any characters in your toybox
  • New York Rock
  • Pinecone Trees
Magic Basket

Creating the Brick City

MATERIALS: Clean, dry garden bricks, pencil, acrylic paint, brushes, Sharpie, Styrofoam (for roofs if desired) and clear coat to seal if left outdoors


Clean the bricks, and make sure they can easily stand. These buildings were made with broken garden edgers.


Use a pencil to sketch the design. Paint the bricks and let dry. Finally, use the Sharpie to detail windows and other smaller elements.


If keeping the buildings outside, be sure to put two (ideally) clear coats over the top of your creation.

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