Making Magic: Growing Plants from Seed

1. Select a Continer
You can use terra cotta or peat pots, or recycle items such as: empty egg cartons, paper towel rolls, yogurt containers small cardboard boxes, a cut plastic bottle or even cut paper a container out of newspaper. If you want to try something really fun, an empty ice cream cone even works.
2. Create Drainage Holes
Water needs to be able to exit the bottom of the container so plants do not drown. If your container is plastic, poke a few holes in the bottom of the container – then watch when watering to make sure the water is able to seep out. (An adult may need to help with creating the holes, but any age can do this depending on the material of the container).
3. Place Containers on a Tray
The seedlings need to be watered daily, so you want them on a tray that catches the water so it does not spill onto the floor, carpeting, or table. Make sure the tray is not full of water. While plants need water, it is not healthy for plants to sit in water.
4. Place the Containers
Fill your container with black soil and plant seeds following the instructions on the seed packaging for information about how deep to plant the seed.
5. Label the Containers
Although you think you will remember, it is hard to remember what is in each of the containers. Label them either on the outside of the container or using a Popsicle stick.
6. Nurture the Seeds
Place in a sunny window. The warmth of the sun and water will make them grow. Keep evenly moist, but resist over watering.
7. Transplant
Once it is warm enough outside, plant them in your Magic Garden. Keep watering them and watch them grow. Let a plant sit in the pot  you have it in, outside for a day or two before planting into the ground. This lets it get used to the elements – but is not always necessary given how impatient we can all be about getting things planted.