Now You're Cooking

This adorable garden is fun for kids that like to cook with you. It is simple to create a Kitchen Magic Garden that can sit on the counter year-round or on the deck in the summer time. This makes a fantastic gift! These gardens are made with herbs because they grow fast and grow back so your family can use the crop over and over again. This container is a large tomato sauce recycled can (thanks, Costco). We used DIY cute markers to make the herbs – these are fun to make for yourself or make great birthday or hostess gifts.  This would be a fun project for a birthday party for kids or grown ups.

Make the Magic Garden

  • What could we use for a container that is recycled?
  • What herbs are in our favorite dishes?
  • Where are we going to put our Magic Garden to get the most sun?
  • How could we mark each of the plant types?
  1. Make a container (see below) & get a saucer
  2. Add soil
  3. Plant the herbs
  4. Make the plant markers (see below)
  5. Enjoy something delicious you grew yourself!
  • What do you like to cook?
  • What herbs do you think are in that?
  • What are you best at making?
  • Should we make that after the garden?
  • What family member or friends do you like to cook with?
  • Would you like to be a chef one day?
Plants We Used
  • Basil
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Recycled can
  • Saucer
  • Soil
  • DIY Plant Markers (see below)
  • Screwdriver to Poke Holes in Bottom of Can
Magic Basket
Although this is not really a ‘Play in Garden’ you could have a basket of kids sized cooking utensils, an apron, recipe cards so they can take their favorite recipes home. Garden fun year round. What’s a Magic Basket?

Make A Can Container

This is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to bring plants into your life or as a gift to a friend. All you need is a can (any size), screwdriver, hammer, saucer, dirt and plants.

1 Clean Out Can: This giant can is from Costco. Once I used the tomatoes, I washed the can and let dry. Leave the label on – it’s so cute!

2 Add Drainage Holes: Hit a screwdriver with a hammer to pierce the bottom of the can to allow water to drain.

3 Plant: Add soil to the can, add the plants and add the plant markers. Be sure to have a saucer for the can to capture draining water.

Make More Magic


magic made easy

Can is from Costco a #10 can, 6 lbs 15 oz

Our plants were purchased at Home Depot for $2.99 each