LEGO - Build Fun

We love the idea of playing with LEGO in the fresh air. Creativity flows even more freely in the sunshine.  The LEGO centerpiece can be superglued together and left outside, kept together in a box or plastic tub, or rebuilt each play time. We created a sidewalk, garden borders and large, green LEGO spaces to encourage play and creative expression. The castle was created by JoyMaster Nancy’s grandson Adam, home from college. Everyone loves LEGO!

Make the Magic Garden

  • What should we make with LEGO?
  • Where would it fit in the garden?
  • Should we leave any of this outside?
  • What characters should play in the LEGO Magic Garden?
  • Should we invite a friend to help create the magic?
  1. Place blanket
  2. Add mulch to level the play area (if needed)
  3. Build your LEGO masterpiece, your ship, castle or crazy awesome idea
  4. Add mini figs or other toy friends build some fun
  • Would you live in a LEGO house?
  • What’s your favorite LEGO color?
  • What is your favorite thing you have every made with LEGO?
  • How tall do you think you could stack LEGO?
  • Could you make me out of LEGO?
Plants We Used

Hosta comes in many sizes and colorings. Consider a shopping adventure to find a hosta with a great name like Star Wars, Dark Star, Vulcan, Patriot, Wolverine. There are so many with fun names.

Materials We Used
  • Lego
  • Mini Action Figures
  • Garden/Plants
  • Blanket
Magic Basket
A Magic Basket, is a collection of extra fun that kids can take into their Magic Gardens. It can be bark, rocks, pinecones and toys - the sky is the limit. For this garden, here are a few other ideas:
  • Action figures
  • Matchbox cars
  • Spaceships
  • Construction toys

Creating a Temporary Place for Play

1Look for a breezy, semi-shady place, with some sun is good to reduce bugs and always remember sunscreen.

2Use a blanket. Kids will sit and play longer if they are comfortable (and you won’t lose as many LEGO pieces).

3 Use a tub, basket or box as storage to help kids get their play things out faster and it makes pick up a breeze.

Make More Magic

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