Magic Gardens Inspired by Magical Characters

Pixy dust, grumbling adorable gnomes and magical unicorns, oh my. The best part of a Magic Garden is it can feature anything that you want and we love these three creatures: fairies, gnomes and unicorns.

Make a Wish
Michigan Gnome
Lilac Fairy


FAIRIES: These flying tricksters are the most common elements of playful gardens today. Widely sold in stores and garden shops they add some quick magic to any garden. Look for fairies that resemble family members or are enjoying the sports and hobby’s you love. You can also use paint and props to customize any fairy. The sky’s the limit to the fun.

Best Friends Fairy

Fairies That Light Up

Favorite Pastime Fairies


According to folklore, gnomes safeguard the treasures of the earth. And of course, they protect your garden while you sleep, but they are also good luck around the clock. Gnomes come in every size, shape, and color so they add real pizazz to a Magic Garden because they can be colored with your favorite pastime, like a tennis player, but they can also celebrate your favorite sports team. Adding gnomes to a Magic Garden is a real gNo brainer.

Favorite Show Gnomes

Love Cats Gnome

Super Cool Gnomes


Hello magic horses. If you see a unicorn in real life, LUCKY YOU! Rainbows follow unicorns everywhere, so they are always full of joy and fun. If you are lucky enough to touch a pure white unicorn, it is said the rest of your life will be filled with joy. We’re still searching by these Magic Gardens are giving us plenty of joy!

Unicorn Friends

Funny Unicorns