Run Magic Run

JoyMaster Lisa has run 17 Marathons and New York City was her first. What makes running a fun addition to a Magic Garden is it inspires all ages to consider physical activity as cool. A running race is fun to create in any theme garden. We used the runner on a good luck cake (see the picture in the gallery) shared before the race. This Magic Garden can easily be converted to a tabletop garden, and given as encouragement before a big race or after as congratulations. You can also add city or hometown landmarks – the more personal, the more magic.

Make the Magic Garden

  • How long should the road be in the garden?
  • What city should the race be in?
  • Should there be a start and finish line?
  • Should we have a spaghetti dinner to celebrate the garden?
  1. Build the Finish Line
  2. Make bark road (see below)
  3. Find a runner, and a attach race number
  4. Create the route with any landmarks or mementos
  5. Ready. Set. Go.
  • What you like to do for exercise?
  • Do you like to run?
  • Do you think you could run 26.2 miles?
  • Would you ever try to run a marathon?
  • Who in your family is the fastest runner?
Plants We Used
  • Moss
  • Cedar Seedling
  • Runner w DIY Number
  • DIY Bark Roads (see below)
  • DIY New York City Rock
  • DIY Finish Line
  • DIY Mile Markers
  • Ambulance and TV Truck
  • Rocks/Logs (for landscape)
Magic Basket
A Magic Basket, is a collection of extra fun that kids can take into their Magic Gardens. It can be bark, rocks, pinecones and toys - the sky is the limit. For this garden, here are a few other ideas:
  • Cheering spectators
  • Water tables
  • Other runners that race
  • Construction cones
  • Cowbell

Make Bark Roads

MATERIALS: Bark, paint, brushes, clear coat optional


Paint Black Road on the Bark: Clean the bark and let it dry – look for pieces that have a nice flat side (inside of the bark) and paint the black street.

2 Paint The White Stripes: Once the black paint as dried – paint the white road stripes on to the road. If the bark turns, the lines should turn to.

3 Clear Coat or Leave Rough: You can put a clear coat over the road if you want, but it is cute rough too.

Make More Magic