Shrek - Your Favorite Ogre

This Magic Garden celebrates everyone’s’ favorite charming and lovable ogre and his band of funny, magical friends from Shrek®. It combines the fairy-tale movie series with the theatrical production of Shrek the Musical. We love having a lot of the characters in the garden, including the dragons, Puss in Boots and Gingy all at Shrek’s’ house at the swamp. And beware, there’s fun ahead.

Make the Magic Garden

  • Swamp setting or Castle?
  • Messy or organized?
  • Include a fairy?
  • What else could we make to add to the garden?
  • Should we plant onions, just like the movie, peeling layers?
  1. Prep the space
  2. Create the Shrek House
  3. Add door
  4. Place stepping stones
  5. Add signs and characters
  6. Get dirty!
  • What is your favorite song from the movie?
  • What’s the grossest thing you have eaten?
  • Would you stay an Ogre or change into a human?
  • How would you like to live in the woods or in the castle?
  • How many different things can you use for a Shrek house?
  • Do you think magic potions exist?
  • If you invented a magic potion, what would it do?
Plants We Used
  • Hosta – small and medium
  • Succulents
  • Garden Moss
  • Dwarf Bishop’s Cap
Materials We Used
  • Shrek House
  • Wood Stepping Rounds
  • Shrek Characters
  • Plants
  • Logs/Sticks
  • Signs p. 97(link to signs page)
  • Fish Pond/Swamp
Magic Basket
Shrek and movie friends in
Whoopee cushion, fart machine, painted rocks for pond, covered wagon, towns people and food.

Make the Shrek House

MATERIALS: Rock, acrylic paint, brush, bark (door), glue, small stones, moss, and clear coat

1Find the rock size you like, and clean it and let it dry before painting.

2Paint the rock, let dry and add the door and line the front with smaller rocks.

3Gently lay moss on top of the rock and it’s complete, even Donkey will love it.

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