Rock ON!

Live music is so much fun to enjoy with your family. Let’s celebrate with a Magic Garden of your favorite band. This garden can commemorate a “first” concert or the joy of all music. We created the outdoor amphitheater using a recycled Easter basket and then used fun mini instruments, some we had and some we made. Once the warm-up bear band was done, we traded out the Beanie Babies® for action figures. Notice how we used JoyMaster Lisa’s son’s drum sticks to make the garden more music focused, festive and personal.

Make the Magic Garden

  • What band is our favorite?
  • What should we use as a stage?
  • Who can be on stage and who should be the fans?
  • What music should we listen to while we create this Magic Garden?
  • What toys can we use as the band?
  1. Bury ½ the stage
  2. Decorate the stage and place rock/tile or bark
  3. Add drumsticks & flags
  4. Make instruments and choose band
  5. Place chairs and fans
  6. Get to VIP!
  • Would you like to learn a musical instrument?
  • What kind of music do you like to listen to?
  • Who do you think is my favorite band?
  • What do you think it is like to be famous?
Plants We Used
  • Dwarf Boxwood
  • Spirea – ‘Lemon Princess’
  • Dwarf Iris
  • DIY Ampitheater
  • Tile for Stage
  • Band Members and Instruments
  • Benches and Logs for Fans
  • Fans – think outside the box
  • Drumsticks, Flags and Accessories
Magic Basket
A Magic Basket, is a collection of extra fun that kids can take into their Magic Gardens. It can be bark, rocks, pinecones and toys - the sky is the limit. For this garden, here are a few other ideas:
  • More seating
  • Beverages
  • Rocks with faces painted
  • Cars
  • Tour bus

Make the Ampitheater

MATERIALS: Old basket, paint and a paint brush.

1Find A Basket: Any basket will do, but use one you don’t want to use again for anything but in the garden. This is an old Easter basket.

2Paint The Basket: We painted the basket white with a little silver shimmer so it might glow a little like a concert. Paint any part that would be above ground.

3Plant the Basket: Dig a hole so the  bottom of the basket fits into it and then fill with the dirt from the hole.

Make More Magic