Perfect Gift For Family Fun


You have found the perfect gift for family fun. We are your guide to inspire kids to play in nature creatively, with their favorite games and toys.

Magic Gardens help families have fun and create genuine connections to the earth and each other.

Watch videos, get creative ideas & simple kids activities – we get kids playing in nature.

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Perfect Gift For Family Fun

Grandson Holding Magic Garden book in the yard

Magic Gardens Print Book – $24.99

DIY Fairy/Magic Doors – $10 for one 2 for $15

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Complete Magic Garden Kits – $50.00


There are bushels of ideas to help get your families creative juices flowing. Explore all our gardens by theme or our master list, there is family fun on every page. New Magic Gardens, projects, recipes and party ideas are being added every week, so make sure you sign-up for our newsletter – don’t miss a kernel of fun in nature.

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What's A Magic Garden? Nature Fun!

Belize Magic Garden

Visit our Etsy Store for Supplies – Perfect Gift for Family Fun in nature.

Magic Gardens take the things kids love to play with and create temporary or permanent play spaces in nature. So your Magic Garden is a place where:

  • Dinosaurs roar in your back yard.
  • Star Wars® action figures ride a Lego® spaceship on your front stoop.
  • A unicorn lives in the basil forest that you cut to make pizza.
  • Flower topped secret Troll® village is ready for your next dance party.

We can’t wait to see the Magic you create too.

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