Paris - Bonjour!

JoyMaster Nancy and JoyMaster Lisa were able to visit Paris together as a family. Visiting the top of the Eiffel Tower was one of the greatest memories of the trip, so when designing the Paris Magic Garden, we knew the tower needed to be a centerpiece. This garden also features memories of the journey with Landmark Rocks of the Louvre, Arc de Triumph and the restaurant Ladurée (bonjour macaroons).

Make the Magic Garden

  • What do we want to include that is like Paris?
  • What landmarks should we include?
  • How could we make things we have look French?
  • Should we have a restaurant or French food?
  1. Place a brick for Eiffel Tower platform
  2. Add rocks for cobblestones
  3. Hoist the Eiffel Tower
  4. Make Landmark Rocks (see below)
  5. Place tourists and french accessories in the City of Love
  6. Sauter de joie!
  • Do you know what language they speak in Paris?
  • How far do you think Paris is from here?
  • Paris is in France, do you know anything about France?
  • Paris is special because…
Plants We Used

Many varieties of hosta

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Tile
  • DIY Landcape rocks (see below)
  • French Bistro Set
  • Green House
  • Painting & DIY Paint Set
  • Visitors and accessories
Magic Basket
  • Clay Art: Flowers, pizzas, or baguettes/cheese
  • Crepe stand
  • Street artists
  • Buskers
  • Macaroons
  • What’s a Magic Basket?

Make Landmark Rocks

MATERIALS: Clean, flat rocks, pictures, paint, brushes, Sharpie, outdoor Modge Podge.  Making landmark rocks is really simple and fun. This technique works with any picture – can be people, places or things

Three plain clean rocks and three images needed to create landmark rocks for your Magic Garden

1Print Pictures: Print color pictures of each of landmarks about the same size as your clean rocks.

Brush painting Modge Podge glue adhesive and sealer over picture of rock to seal it

2Paint Rocks & Attach Picture: Paint or use Sharpie on any part of the rock that wont be covered and attach by Mod Podge on the rock first and coat.

3Clear Coat Whole Rock: Once the  picture is attached and dry, clear coat the entire rock twice to keep the weather out.

Make More Magic