Pickleball - Stay Out of the Kitchen

JoyMaster Nancy’s husband, (Lisa’s Dad) Pops, is the Pickleball King. This new sport is taking the world by storm. It is played on a tennis like court, but smaller. It is played with lots of finesse and hugely popular with more than 3 million players in the United States and growing 10% per year. Here we have Smurfs® playing and it is a very tight match. But as always Pops (Jack on the sign) is going to win first place. Note: You could use the same planter as the Tennis Magic Garden.

Make the Magic Garden

  • Should we create a whole court or a 1/2 court?
  • Who should be playing pickleball in our garden?
  • Should we use chalkboard paint for the scoreboard so the score could change?
  1. Find moss for court (see below)
  2. Plant court (grass or moss)
  3. Make scoreboard or bracket and add the teams
  4. Place players and ball
  5. Make the net (see below)
  6. Stay out of the Kitchen
  • Have you ever heard of pickleball?
  • It was named after the inventors’ dog, how funny is that?
  • Do you know any of the rules?
  • What is your favorite sport to play?
  • Do any of your friends play pickleball?
  • What other game use a wiffle ball?
Plants We Used
Moss: You can purchase moss from a garden center too if you can’t find it in your yard…but check out the North side of your house first, or in other shady areas of your yard.
  • Smurf players
  • DIY Racquets (hot glue to attach if needed)
  • DIY Tennis ball – Yellow Bead on a wire
  • DIY Scoreboard
  • DIY Net
Magic Basket
  • Laminated family members playing
  • Scorecard
  • Action figures
  • Crowds
  • Food
  • Locker room
  • Pickleball
  • What is a Magic Basket?

Find Moss for Your Magic Gardens

Moss is used in many of our Magic Gardens. If you keep your eyes open, moss can be a great free addition to your creations.

1On Stones or Steps: Hard places often retain cooler temps so moss tends to grow on them especially in the shade. This is a brick ledge in our yard.

2Next to the House: On the shady side of your home or garage you can find a huge supply of lush moss.

3Look Under: Moss is often hiding.  Look underneath shade plants, often they have moss growing under them. Even grass in the shade can have moss.

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