Pirates - Ships Ahoy!

Hide your treasure, there are pirates in your very own yard! This dramatic magic garden was created using a recycled pirate water table, so kids get even more use out of the great toy. These tables are often at garage sales, too. Using a toy ship from the thrift store run ashore as the garden centerpiece, a secret island, cannons, and pirates can create hours of fun for mateys of all ages.

Make the Magic Garden

  • Should we create a treasure map?
  • Should we dress like pirates? (see below)
  • Wouldn’t it be fun to talk like a pirate (see below)
  • What should be the treasure?
  1. Make the ship’s table into the garden (see below)
  2. Create the ”ocean” and plant moss on the island
  3. Plant the greenery for the pirates to hide in
  4. Find some treasure!
  • What would it be like to live on a ship at seas as a pirate?
  • Who in our family could be a pirate?
  • Do you know any famous pirates?
  • Are pirates good or bad?
  • What is something you treasure?
Plants We Used
  • Hosta
  • Day Lillies
Materials We Used
  • Ship Water Table
  • Dirt
  • Pirates
  • Cannon
  • Mulch
  • Water - Painted Burlap
Magic Basket

Make Your Water Table into Garden

1Place the empty water table where you want it, it gets really heavy and hard to move once planted.

2Have the adult use a drill and and put holes in the bottom of the table to create drainage, otherwise it will be a mud pit from rain :).

3Fill the table with plain black dirt within an inch or two of the top on the table. Note: PLAIN BLACK DIRT is important when kids are playing in it.

Make More Magic