Playground To Go

JoyMaster Lisa’s grandson loves to play out on her porch. So, this Magic Garden grew both from creating fun for him and need for Nana to keep him entertained while others relaxed on the porch. The tabletop garden is centered around a large shoe playground, but this could be a swing set you make or a replica of the park down the street. Next to the garden is a bucket of “guys” for playing. The fun often expands outside of the container onto the nearby chairs and tables.

Playground Magic Garden

Make the Magic Garden

  • What should be on our playground? What can we make?
  • Who should play there?
  • Do we need spaceship parking?
  • When at the playground, should we grab a rock or pinecone for your garden?
  1. Fill container with soil
  2. Place the moss
  3. Place the playground
  4. Bring out the bucket of toys
  5. Place the playthings
  6. Slide int a real great time!
  7. Slide into a real great time!
  • Where is your favorite playground?
  • What do you like to do at the playground?
  • What games do you play with friends at the playground?
  • When I was a kids at the playground…
Plants We Used


  • Playground Shoe or other container
  • Sticks/Bark/Rock/Pinecone Trees
  • DIY Colored Pencil Path
  • DIY Hopscotch & Swing
  • DIY Cork Obstacles
  • DIY Bakeable Clay Sunflowers
  • Bucket of Toys for Play (Magic Basket)
Magic Basket
  • Rocks
  • Superheroes
  • Games
  • Swing
  • Merry-go-round
  • Matchbox cars
  • Scooters
  • Tether ball

Make The Hopscotch

JoyMaster Lisa and her grandsons love hopscotch. She has a big basket of chalk by the front door, so its fun to have the garden reflect real life. You need a rock, acrylic paint, paint brush, clear coat, and a Sharpie.

1 Paint the Rock: Jot out on a piece of paper how you want it to look, then pain the rock.

2 Draw the Boxes: Use a Sharpie and draw the boxes on top of the paint, and then touch-up paint if needed.

3Add the Numbers: Add the numbers, put a clear coat over the top of the Hopscotch and get the fun hopping!

Make More Magic