Scooby and Friends

These meddling kids get to check out haunted mansions and ghosts with the Mystery Machine®. We took a shaded area in the garden with mulch and added a worn out aquarium castle that looks haunted. We added a picnic with Scooby snacks, a sign and some zombies. Just like that it’s mystery time. All of the elements of the garden fit in the Mystery Machine so set up and pick up is simple. Zonkies, this looks really fun.

Make the Magic Garden

  • Where would be a great place for this garden?
  • Are there any nature mysteries to solve?
  • Let’s take turns creating the mystery for other to solve
  1. Find a space that is spooky in the garden
  2. Add the house and all the bad guys
  3. Place and play with all the characters
  4. Solve some mysteries you meddling kids (Who ate all the Scooby Snacks???)
  • What is the first question you would ask during a mystery?
  • Do you think Scooby can really talk?
  • Whose your favorite one in the gang? Why?
  • Can you talk like Scooby?
Plants We Used
Hostas featured are the following cultivars

  • ‘Krossa Regal’
  • ‘June’
  • ‘Blue Cadet’
Materials We Used
  • Vintage (aka plain old) Aquarium House
  • Mystery Machine
  • Scooby & the Gang Characters
  • Zombies
  • Drift Wood
  • Tray
  • Scooby Snacks
  • Signs
Magic Basket

Characters in this Magic Garden


The Gang:  Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Velma, and Dalphne

2The one and only Mystery Machine, complete with Mystery solving tools inside

3A pack of Zombies: What is really cool about these is the heads, arms and legs can be detached so lot of fun to play with – and scare with!

Make More Magic

Scooby Doo looking hungry and racing for Scooby Snacks