This Magic Garden is Smurf-tastic. These Smurfs® are 40+ years old from when JoyMaster Lisa used to collect them. One of the mushroom houses is a vintage house, and the others are wooden bird houses created to look like Smurf houses. These houses are really fun to create because they are colorful and wachy letting kids imaginations really soar.  Since a movie was made about the Smurfs, kids of all ages love them. We left Gargamel out of the magic, but if you want an evil wizard, he would fit right in. To smurf or not to smurf, that is your question.

Make the Magic Garden

  • WHat fun things are in the Smurf’s world?
  • Shoud the garden be in a secret place?
  • How many houses should we make?
  1. Place large rocks for bases for houses and characters
  2. Place the Houses
  3. Place the Characters
  4. Have a Smurf-mazing time
  • Who is your favorite Smurf and why?
  • What would it be like to be blue?
  • What’s the most Smurf-tastic thing that has ever happened to you?
Plants We Used
  • Ivy
  • Hosta
  • Dwarf Bishop’s Cap
  • Mulch
Materials We Used
  • Vintage and new Smurfs
  • Vintage Smurf house
  • DIY Smurf house (see below)
  • Rocks with Sharpie words
Magic Basket

Make Smurf Houses

1 Paint the houses to look like mushrooms, the more colorful the more fun when it comes to Smurfs

2 Use bake-able clay and make doors, chimney, shutters – bake – then glue to the pre-painted houses

3 Place two coats of clear coat over your entire creation – let dry – and it’s Home Smurf Home

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