Forest - All Bark no Byte

This house was created to blend into the forest. Part of the joy of this Magic Garden is the surprise of being able to spy it on a walk or find it in a secret location, as kids hunt for and play under large, majestic trees. The house and all accessories are made from nearly natural elements found in the woods where the house sits. For instance, the house siding are pieces of a pinecone taken apart. You can create treasure maps to find the garden within a forest and move it each time the kids play. Let the kids take a crack at creating the map and you hunt. The house creates lots of forest fun!

Make the Magic Garden

  • Where is a cool place that feels like a forest to place the garden?
  • How could we make it look like our forest?
  • What animals would live in our forest?
  • What can we use to create or forest?
  1. Create/place the Forest House (see below)
  2. Add the trees, bark bridge/path
  3. Add the stones as a secret path
  4. Add the animals that live there
  5. Get Lost in Fun!
  • Where is the largest forest in the world?
  • How old do you think this tree is?
  • What kind of tree is this?
  • What animals naturally live near here?
  • Would you like to live in a forest? Why?
Plants We Used
  • Cedar Saplings
  • Mulch
  • Oak Tree
  • DIY Forest House
  • Forest Animals
  • Bark
  • Bench
  • DIY Pinecone Trees
  • DIY Artichoke Trees
  • Slate Stepping Stones (we used broken pieces of stepping stones for some of our animals could stand nicely)
Magic Basket
  • Gnomes
  • Fairies
  • An all terrain vehicle
  • More animals and birds
  • Action figures
  • Dried and fresh leaves
  • What is a Magic Basket?

Make The Forest House

Forest houses can be made to totally blend into the forest that is their home. They make wonderful surprises when people happen on them and become a part of the magic. MATERIALS: Wooden birdhouse, silk leaves, paint/brushes, bark, acorns, hot glue gun/Gorilla glue and spray clear coat.

1 Glue and Paint: Glue pinecone scales for siding and paint the birdhouse with acrylic paint.

2 Add Detail: Glue silk leaves for the roof and bark for the door.


Clear Coat: Add a clear coat to anything so you can seal the house against the damage of weather.

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