Making Magic: Tools for You

MAKING MAGIC: Tools For You With a few inexpensive tools, some you may already have, it is simple to create a Magic Garden. Kids having right-sized tools makes it easier for littler hands to manage and gives kids a sense of ownership in the project. Each Magic Garden on this site has items listed in a Store at the bottom of the page.  You will find tools on this page.


Digging can the tough on your hands, but more importantly the dirt can be really hard to get out from under your fingernails, so wear gloves. Gloves should fit well and depending on where you live and what you’re planting, they can be lightweight or heavy. Gloves also protect you from splinters and thorns and some have rubber grips for better  grabbing.


This is a small, hand-held shovel. If your kids are kind of wild (I say it fondly, we have one really wild one) use plastic spades – THEY DO NOT WORK AS WELL, but you have less stress having limited the possibility of getting hurt. But if your child is a good listeners, a kids-size metal trowel/spade makes them really feel like gardeners, and help you plant. These tools make great gifts for kids. Shop.


This is optional based on what you are planting, perennials, often need a bigger hole, so a pointy shovel is great. Often an adult is needed for the shoveling in a garden. Make sure to always wear shoes and using a shovel, and put it on the ground either with the tip in the ground (so standing up) or with the semi-circle face towards to ground so you will step on the point.

Sunscreen and Hat

Seriously folks, use sunscreen every time you go outside. Building Magic Gardens is so fun, we promise you will lose track of time. In One simple hour, you could get a sunburn, which ruins the fun. So think about how you plant, and apply sunscreen to the back of the neck, ears, back of legs, forearms with extra umpf. And wear a hat, well fitting, but the bigger the better, protects from the sun and keeps you much cooler.

Water Bottle and Watering Can

You need water for you and the plants. For yourself have a water bottle outside with you, a lid keeps dirt from getting inside and fancier ones even have cooling sticks inside them. Fill a reusable bottle if you can, it’s good for the earth, and you look really cool. For the plants, have a watering can available, smaller for kids, bigger for adults. Watering is important when planting and to keep plants healthy.

A Few More Things You Want To Consider

  • Rake
  • Tape Measure
  • Hose
  • Bug Spray
  • Edger
  • Tote for Tools
  • Pruning Shears
  • Foldable Chair
  • Knee Pad
  • Tools in A Kit
  • Bucket