Trolls - Get Dancin'!!

Trolls® get you dancing from the moment the movie starts so we thought a Trolls Dance Party Magic Garden really hit the right chord – disco ball and all. We converted a blooming sidewalk planter into the Troll’s secret hideout. The long rope ladder down the front of the planter invites those walking by to enjoy the secret Troll party. You got this party started with some sunshine in your pocket.

Make the Magic Garden

  • How about a Troll Tree?
  • Should we include the Bergens?
  • Can their be Troll Pods?
  • What music should we listen to while creating?
  • Plant with poppys?
  • Solar lights?
  1. Choose a location that is a secret
  2. Hang the disco ball with fish line
  3. Place a dance floor on balsa wood
  4. Make and attach the ladder but hide from the Bergens
  5. Attach the acorn lanterns
  6. Start the dance party with the Trolls
  • Who’s your favorite Troll and why?
  • Who’s someone you would like to dance with?
  • What is your favorite song in the movie?
  • What would be cool about living in a tree?
Plants We Used
Thunbergia Alata aka Black-eyed Susan Vine
Materials We Used
  • Small Disco Ball
  • Fishing line
  • Rainbow
  • Trolls Characters
  • DIY items
    • Dance Floor
    • Acorn Lanterns
    • Ladder
    • No Bergens Sign
Magic Basket
A Magic Basket, is a collection of extra fun that kids can take into their Magic Gardens. It can be bark, rocks, pinecones and toys - the sky is the limit. For this garden, here are a few other ideas:
  • Painted blocks
  • Speakers
  • Silk flowers
  • Beads to make garlands
  • Bergens
  • Doll house furniture

Make The Dance Floor

MATERIALS: Balsam wood, ruler, Scotch tape, acrylic paint, brush, glitter and clear coat


Cut the wood into the dance floor size you want


Criss-cross tape to make squares and paint, remove tape, paint remaining

3 Using the ruler and a Sharpie draw the lines, add glitter and a clear coat

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