Namaste Magic

These frogs doing yoga were a gift to JoyMaster Nancy. We wanted to create an area for them in the shade where it looked as though they had enough room to move around and really do yoga. This is a really fun space to have kids try to do the same poses as the frogs. It features an old tree stump on its side, giving the practice area some mystic sense of there being another place to retreat to for mediation. The foliage along the back for of the outdoor yoga studio gives it a sense privacy and rejuvenates the soul with dense greenery.

Make the Magic Garden

  • Who should do yoga?
  • Could we them do yoga?
  • Should they have mats?
  • Where would be a great place for our yoga studio?
  • Where is a peaceful place in the yard?
  1. Find or make yoga statues/people
  2. Clear area
  3. Place mediation cave
  4. Fill in mulch
  5. Add yogi’s and mats
  6. Chant Om three times
  • Have you ever tried yoga?
  • What’s great about yoga?
  • Do you think frogs do yoga?
  • What animals do you think could do yoga?
  • What is healthy about doing yoga?
Plants We Used
  • Hosta
  • Corydalis
  • Yoga participants
  • Mulch
  • A meditation cave (ours is broken planter pieces)
  • Rocks (as mats/platforms)
Magic Basket

Not A Frog Fan?

Not everybody loves frogs so of course your Magic Garden can feature any lovable creatures doing yoga that you can dream up. Here are some other ideas for your own Yoga Studio.


Attention: Even your favorite army guys can do yoga to chill a little bit vs being at attention all of the time

2Bring The Fire: Dragons and their tamers need to recharge every once in a while too

3 Purrfect: This group of cats skips downward dog as they enjoy the garden tranquility for some cat-tastic yoga

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